PlanMatrix has been a phenomenon since 1998.  It has made many forays into tangible assets, joint venture, partnership and special purpose vehicle agreements, not to mention policy & procedures manuals, safety, health, environment and quality documentation, ISO paper trails and template sets, and so on.

Simultaneously, in 1998, eight years after the Worldwide Web was made available to the masses, PlanMatrix began to gather the skill set necessary to move effectively and with meaningful force into the internet space.

Following a narrow escape from green building computer networks at the time of the Dotcom Crash, PlanMatrix has seen the Web evolve from an entertainment novelty to the preferred environment for commerce.  It is to be taken seriously, and all enterprise must find its niche in the digital environment – it isn’t a case of “maybe” anymore.

PlanMatrix has brought what it has – and is – learning about axiomatic business principles to the internet “table”, to the benefit of its clients.  We don’t baffle or try to intimidate clients with technology-speak – we determine your requirements, qualify the detail, and describe – in commercial terms – what the digital solution we propose will do, or result in, for your enterprise and its revenue stream.

A new technology offering the comfort of classic business.

PlanMatrix gives you all that – and more.