We offer full-spectrum service, end-to-end project management – from registration and hosting of your site, through its design, topology and construction, the incorporation of all the functionality you can think of and, finally, your site’s visibility on the Worldwide Web, and its marketability and the resultant exposure of your commercial offerings to your potential customers. Navigate to each of these sections to find out more:

Access a premium hosting service at bargain-basement prices.

Creativity and great aesthetics are a given; we deliver beautiful, slick websites – but we also focus on the commercial effectivity of your website, helping you to generate as much revenue from your digital asset as possible.

We integrate all the functionality you could ever want into your website, giving your clients and prospects the least possible reason for leaving without a conversion.

The Footprint Strategy – Unique to PlanMatrix – integrates your website, the Internet generally and your chosen social media for returns, site traffic and sound organic search engine awareness.

Email marketing remains the biggest call-to-action success of all internet strategies. We design your newsletters with spectacular “hooks” and provide lists and the engine for bulk emailing.

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