Strategy is the core of PlanMatrix’s business. It was what the enterprise was founded on, and it continues to underscore everything that we do today.

We will not go into business with a client without a plan in place,

We structure our strategies with one, at the most two goals and then break the period under review into three phases (1) initiation (2) fortification and (3) exploration.

All areas of the enterprise are included and examined. This will mean that marketing, development, Human resources, broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) and fiscal transparency and discipline strategies all form part of the primary strategy.

We commence with a cash flow viability study and, if we believe that the proposition isn’t sustainable, we believe it is our ethical obligation to advise the client accordingly, and will only pursue the matter if we are given free reign to propose adjustments that will make the enterprise comfortably profitable.

All in all, through and detailed exercise and – surprise – we even have a strategy for producing business strategy!